Research domains

Our group research paths comprise seven big areas, namely: Literary studies (ELI), Translation (ESTRA), Language for specific purposes (ELFE), Lexical studies (ELEX), Pragmatics (APRAT), Genre and text type variation (VAGET), and Corpus studies (ECO). The diagram above shows the relationship among the different fields. ECO focuses not only on the creation and implementation of corpora in different languages, but also the analysis of language use in different periods of time. This allows us to asses language variation and change at different levels of grammatical description, both minor and larger patterns of discourse. One example is the study of generic variation in the realm of scientific texts in English, in which we aim at detecting generic variation and the emergence of specific linguistic phenomena associated with the evolution of these texts. Translation is also at the core of our research, especially from a contrastive perspective. Our main languages are English and Spanish, but we also work with other languages such as German and Italian for contrastive analyses.

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